Location/Description: Ric Williamson Memorial Highway (Western Loop): US 180 to FM 920

Project Number: 2.11a

Type: New Road

Existing Conditions: N/A (New Road Project)

Proposed Conditions: The Ric Williamson Memorial Highway from US 180 to FM 920 is proposed as a 2-lane undivided rural roadway with shoulders. The proposed roadway will be located within a proposed 200 foot right-of-way. The project will include two bridges and a new traffic signal at FM 920.

Key Benefits:

  1. TxDOT performed a Feasibility Study in 2003-2004 on the Loop
  2. The Benefit to Cost Ratio as determined by TxDOT was 2.73
  3. Alternate truck route for east/west and north/south truck traffic
  4. Traffic mitigation for US 180 through downtown Weatherford
  5. Alternate route for pass-through commuter traffic, which represents 51% of the existing traffic



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